Grooming Your Double Coated Dog
by Lara | 1:42 pm

Grooming Your Double Coated Dog – Plus The Top Five Tools For The Job

There are many double-coated dog breeds of all shapes and sizes. If your dog has a double coat it means that their coat has two layers – a dense, short-haired undercoat and a longer

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Caring For Your German Shepherd
by Lara | 1:49 pm

Caring For Your German Shepherd

The noble German Shepherd is the second most popular dog worldwide and it’s not hard to see why. He is intelligent, loyal, alert, obedient, confident, curious, and courageous. Of course, he is also loving

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Boxer Dog
by Lara | 11:53 am

Meet The Mighty Boxer

The Boxer is the perfect family member. Loving, lively, and alert, not only will your Boxer be your exercise companion (once fully grown), but he will also play with your children for hours, and

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by Lara | 2:53 pm

What Does Your New Puppy Need?

Bringing your new puppy home is an exciting time. You and your family will be looking forward to all the love, and hugs, and kisses, and fun your new family member will provide. But

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Border Collie Puppy
by Lara | 9:01 am

Border Collie Love

Border Collies are an amazing breed and can be the perfect pet for your family. But they are not for everyone. If you want a dog that will sit quietly with you and needs

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Golden Retriever Puppy
by Lara | 11:16 am

Top 10 Family Dog Breeds

Choosing the perfect dog for your family can be a difficult decision. That dog you have set your heart on might not be a good fit for your young children. The most popular dog

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The Best Way To Train Your Puppy
by Lara | 3:30 pm

The Best Way to Train Your Puppy

First, congratulations on bringing your new furbaby home. You have years of unconditional love to look forward to. Training begins as soon as you bring your puppy home. Yes, he is a cute little

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Safe Food And Treats For Your Puppy
by Lara | 4:22 pm

Safe Food And Treats For Your Puppy – Plus What NOT To Buy

We all love our new puppies and want to give them the best start in life. Choosing the right food and treats is integral in setting your new puppy up for a long and

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